Rural community college fundraising : a multi-site case study exploring the characteristics and motivations of alumni supporters Public Deposited


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  • Fundraising in the 21st century is becoming an increasingly important component of rural community colleges' (RCCs) overall funding strategies. Alumni represent a significant population of potential college supporters. The problem facing rural community colleges involves fiscal viability through developing innovative fundraising practices and identifying emerging sources of additional revenue. The purpose of this study is to describe the characteristics and motivations of RCC alumni who are likely to contribute financial support to the institution. The significance of fundraising in RCCs is explored. Rationales, strategies, and key terms are identified from the literature. A review of the literature related to fundraising in RCCs provides context for the topic. A qualitative research design using a case study method was used to answer the research questions. The analysis of data is presented and recommendations for future research are discussed.
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