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Predicting Help-Seeking Attitudes and Intentions and Life Satisfaction of First-Generation South Asian Americans Based on Acculturation Levels, Select Demographics, and Forms of Racial Stereotyping Public Deposited

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  • The literature on first-generation South Asian American (SAA) mental health is limited despite the increased focus of studies on help-seeking behaviors and subjective well-being over the past decade. Therefore, we designed a web-based survey seeking to address two research questions. Research Question 1 informed Study 1 of this dissertation project: To what extent do education level, gender, years in the U.S., adherence to model minority myth, orientation to Asian culture (OAC), and orientation to Western culture (OWC) predict help-seeking attitudes and intentions of a sample of first-generation SAAs after controlling for social desirability? We recruited 289 SAAs to study factors affecting help-seeking attitudes and intentions. The cross-sectional, correlational results showed demographic factors, adherence to model minority myth, and both acculturation factors significantly predicted help-seeking attitudes. Gender, model minority myth, and OWC significantly predicted help-seeking intentions. Study 2 is formed by Research Question 2: To what extent do gender, OAC, OWC, model minority myth, and experiences of microaggressions predict life satisfaction in a sample of first-generation SAAs above and beyond gender after controlling for social desirability? We recruited 341 SAAs to study the factors affecting life satisfaction through the COVID-19 pandemic. Hierarchical regression results show gender, model minority myth, and orientation to Western culture, and experiences with microaggressions were significant predictors of life satisfaction. Findings suggest that counselors could benefit from collecting acculturative and generational information during the assessment process to better understand the mental health needs of first-generation SAAs.
  • Keywords: South Asian American, Asian-Indian, first-generation, mental health, help-seeking, life satisfaction, subjective well-being
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