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  • Due to recent changes in Oregon land-use regulations, agricultural resource lands within exclusive farm-use zones are being designated as high-value, important, or small-scale farmland according to their relative potential for commercial agriculture. Potential gross agricultural sales are used as a threshold in the designation of small-scale farmlands; however, the regulations are not clear on what form a test for the gross agricultural sales potential of land would take, nor are they clear on how it would be applied. The purpose of this research project was to develop a systematic procedure to estimate the annual potential gross sales of agricultural parcels. The research project had three major objectives: first, to identify data sources that are commonly available at the county level that could be used in a test of agricultural gross sales capability; second, to develop a potential gross sales procedure that would be easy to apply, parcel-specific, replicable, and defensible; and third, to apply the procedure in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the potential gross sales test as a land-use planning tool. The research found that the structure of assessors' rent schedules along with assessors' inventories of the type and acreage of soils within ownership parcels present the means to disaggregate county-level gross sales estimates derived from Extension data in order to estimate potential gross sales at the farm-unit scale.
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