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The effect of prerigor electrical stimulation of beef muscle on selected bacteria

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  • This investigation was designed to study the possible effects of the electrical stimulation of beef muscle on microorganisms present on the meat surface during and after treatment. The effect of electric current on microorganisms in minimal media suspension was also studied. Cell viability before and after electrical treatment or exposure to treated media was determined. Storage studies of meat tissue for five days at 10°C were conducted to determine variations in microbial growth of treated muscle. Growth curves of inoculum in ground electrically stimulated beef and of organisms treated electrically were run to determine lag time, growth rate, and ultimate cell density variations due to the electrical treatment. The ATP pool of electrically treated organisms was also studied in an effort to determine variations due to the treatment which could alter the microbial growth characteristics. In no instance did the results of this study show variations in microbial growth characteristics which would be significant enough to cause an extended shelf life of electrically stimulated beef.
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