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Alfalfa cutting management in the Columbia Basin

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  • Field studies to determine appropriate cutting management regimes consistent with yield, quality, and persistence of stand were conducted on several alfalfa varieties in the Columbia Basin region of Oregon. Two groups of treatments, including consecutive cuts at the same stage of maturity and cuts made at varying maturities, were imposed on Anchor, Apex, and Washoe. The first group consisted of tenth bloom with and without fall cutting and full bud all season. The next group contained early or pre-bud followed by tenth bloom, full bud followed by tenth bloom, and tenth bloom followed by full bud. The varieties, N-102, Saranac, and Vernal, were subjected to three and four cuts per season which corresponded to intervals of 44 and 35 days, respectively. Results with Anchor over a two year period indicated consistently high yields of dry matter and protein using a full bud followed by tenth bloom schedule. Full bud all season or early bud followed by tenth bloom offered increased protein concentration at some sacrifice in dry matter yield. Treatments effected only small differences in stand density. The variety Apex underwent rapid stand decline during the course of the studies. When persistence is not an overriding consideration, full bud all season afforded increased protein content without appreciable loss in dry matter yield in comparison with most other treatments. Treatments displayed little differential effect on stand density. Dry matter yield of Washoe was unaffected by treatments imposed. Full bud all season and immature followed by tenth bloom resulted in increased protein concentration. Differential effects evoked by treatments on stand density early in the experiment had essentially dissipated at its conclusion. The varieties, N-102, Saranac, and Vernal, gave increased protein content with more frequent cutting without significant change in dry matter yield.
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