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An investigation to determine the existence of sex bias in counselor-trainee responses to a video-based simulation

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  • The purpose of this study was to determine if male and female Counselor-Trainees enrolled in master's degree programs in the State of Oregon would emit significantly different responses to a new and professionally developed video-based client simulation. The sample consisted of ninety-two Counselor-Trainees enrolled during the 1975-76 academic year in the following Counseling and Guidance programs: (a) Oregon State University, Corvallis (b) University of Oregon, Eugene (c) Oregon College of Education, Monmouth (d) Portland State University, Portland (e) Lewis and Clark College, Portland The Counselor-Trainees were shown the "Our Gang Series" research simulation, a video recorded program consisting of ten client stimulus sequences. Written responses to the sequences were collected, typewritten, and coded so that judges would be sex-blind when evaluating a particular response. The Global Scale, a four point Likert-type scale, was utilized as a rating instrument. Two doctoral students in Counseling, familiar with the applications and parameters involved with the use of the rating instrument, assisted in evaluating responses. An index of agreement (interrater reliability =. . 85) was determined at the preestablished .05 level of significance. The following null hypotheses were examined: 1. There are no significant differences in mean Global ratings assigned by judges to male and female Counselor-Trainee responses to the "Our Gang Series" research simulation. 2. There are no significant differences in mean Global ratings assigned by judges to same-sex and opposite-sex stimulus sequences from the "Our Gang Series" research simulation. A one-way analysis of variance "F" statistic was selected to test for the significance of hypothesis one. A two-way analysis of variance was utilized to test for the significance of hypothesis two. The .05 confidence interval was chosen for all statistical analyses. Hypothesis one was rejected. The female Counselor-Trainee responses were assigned higher ratings than were their male counterparts. Hypothesis two was also rejected. There was an interaction effect. Same-sex pairings produced higher ratings than did opposite-sex pairings. Replications of this study utilizing samples from different demographic areas and comprised of different ethnic populations were recommended as a means of providing additional data which might prove helpful in further understanding the dynamics of counselor-client relationships. Replications of this study utilizing female and male investigators were suggested as a means of providing data concerning the possible presence of a researcher sex effect.
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