Omen of Mere Event : Vignettes in a Post-Wilderness Landscape Public Deposited


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  • This thesis uses a series of non-fiction vignettes to explore objects, agencies, and networks, applying theories of rhetoric and composition directly to experience and vise versa. Focusing on agency--as understood through sociology's actor-networks, post- humanism’s Object Orientated Ontology, and Ecocriticism's ecological approach--I look at events, landscapes, and partnerships that have shaped who I am and why I write. I find that when life is viewed as a nexus of agencies instead of as a hierarchy, with humans as dominant agency, wilderness becomes a quality of existence that humans already possess in the form of creativity. Once we tap into that quality to examine existence, we discover that we cannot exist without partnerships, and we owe much of our experience, writing, and creativity to the unseen influences of these partners.
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