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Robustness estimation via integral liapunov functions

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  • An investigation focusing on methods of estimation of robustness of nominally linear dynamic systems with unstructured uncertainties was performed. The algorithm proposed involves the consideration of an associated system, selection, and subsequent development, of Liapunov function candidate and integration of their derivatives along the solution trajectory. A nominally linear multi-dimensional dynamic system is considered with unstructured, nonlinear, time-varying and bounded perturbations. The examples illustrate the success of the method: better estimates of the bounds, than those which results from traditional approaches were obtained. Robustness of linear, time-invariant systems subject to nonlinear, time-varying perturbations has been a matter of considerable research interest recently. Design of conventional state-feedback controllers requires knowledge of the bounds for disturbances. The knowledge of disturbance bounds is also important in adaptive control and control of nonlinear & uncertain systems. Numerous applications can be found in the fields of automation, aircraft control, manipulator trajectory control, etc. The technique for the determination of robust stability bounds proposed in this paper can be utilized effectively in computerized robust control system design.
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