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Measuring Instrument Precision Estimation in Destructive Testing Public Deposited

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  • The variability introduced into measurements by a measuring instrument is referred to as measurement instrument precision. Experimental procedures and analysis methods exist when measurements are repeatable and can be repeated on the same item. However, when the measurements are destructive and repeated measurements are not possible, estimating measuring instrument precision is difficult since measuring instrument precision is confounded with part variance. In this research, formulas are developed for estimating measuring instrument precision and the measuring instrument precision estimate variance, from which confidence intervals can be obtained. The results are obtained by measuring two different part types, assuming the part measurement coefficient of variation is constant, the measurement instrument precision is constant, and that part measurements are normally distributed and independent. Equations are derived to estimate measuring instrument precision and its standard error when part type means are assumed known, and also when part type means are estimated from the measurement data. The results are validated using Monte Carlo simulation.
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