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Internationalization in Oregon and Washington community colleges Public Deposited

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  • Research on higher education during the period 1990 to 2013 has suggested that U.S. higher education institutions were significantly impacted by a number of global forces, including an increase in the movement of goods, information, and people across borders. During the same period, a measurable increase occurred in the number of higher education institutions across the United States that experienced a movement toward an international focus in organizational structures, behaviors, and activities. Existing research on this topic has largely focused on the experience of four-year institutions and has been primarily national in scope. This study examined (a) the level of an international focus in Oregon and Washington community colleges along two dimensions, and (b) the relationship between three environmental factors and the college's level of internationalization. Quantitative research was conducted for this study and the study design employed both survey and archival research methods to collect the data. Study results indicated that (a) the internationalization level at most Oregon and Washington community colleges was relatively low, (b) there was a greater tendency for colleges classified as "rural" to have lower levels of internationalization, and (c) in Washington, community colleges with services as the primary industry in their service area were more likely to have a higher level of internationalization.
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