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“The Struggle Continues”: An Analysis of the Concerned Student 1950 Demands at the University of Missouri

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  • In the fall 2015, students at the University of Missouri embarked upon an extended series of protests aimed at calling out the University’s failure to address recent racist incidents against Black students and a larger oppressive campus culture. The protests prompted the creation of a student group led largely by Black students, Concerned Student 1950. This thesis analyses the set of eight demands issued by Concerned Student 1950 to the MU administration with the aim of transforming the campus culture for marginalized students. Using a Critical Discourse Analysis framework, the study aims to understand the historical conditions at the state and university level which contributed to the campus environment in 2015 to which the student activists’ demands sought to address and hoped to change. My analysis finds that when examined through the lens of Critical Race Theory, it becomes evident that the “often silenced history of racism and discrimination” that the students write about in the context of Mizzou is in direct relationship to the history of the state of Missouri.
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