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Protection or Control? An Ethical Argument for Police Abolition in the United States Public Deposited

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  • The prison abolition movement has made some significant headway in fighting the prison industrial complex in the United States over the past several years. However, the primary focus of the movement remains on the existence of prison facilities. There is a crucial need to address the role that local law enforcement play in the system of mass incarceration. Analyzing the relationship between the policing institution and the prison industrial complex offers insight into the pervasiveness of police violence and misconduct in the U.S. Local law enforcement developed alongside, and in service to, slavery and the prison industrial complex. Based on the genealogical analysis presented by Kristian Williams in his text Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America (2015), and the ethical frameworks of systemic oppression and institutional cruelty developed by philosophers Iris Marion Young and Phillip Hallie, I offer an ethical argument for police abolition in the U.S. In order to fully eradicate the injustices perpetuated by mass incarceration, we must also eliminate the institution that functions as one of its primary lifelines: police.
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