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Volcanic vulnerability : Determining the relationship between urban proximity to volcanoes and human development Public Deposited

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  • Many studies have looked at human settlements around individual volcanoes for volcanic risk analyses, but few have done a comparative study to identify possible global patterns. With the use of Landsat ETM+ data, this study identifies and compares urban proximity to the Decade Volcanoes to identify volcanic settlement patterns. These patterns are compared to the human development index values of the countries in which the volcanoes are located to identify a correlation between them. Results reveal that in countries with high human development, urban settlement areas increase with distance from the volcano. Countries with lower human development tend to have settlements in closer proximity to volcanoes, with the highest percentage located between 10km and 20km. In these areas, settlement decreases with increased distance from the volcano. These findings will hopefully draw more attention to countries with lower human development by revealing their increased vulnerability to volcanic hazards.
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