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Flows associated with harbor ship traffic

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  • The purpose of this study was to ascertain the potential erosion impacts associated with ship movements in confined waters. The flow associated with a ship passage can be separated accordingly: (1) the propeller wake, (2) flow about the hull, and (3) associated waves. Each of these areas has been analyzed to determine their respective potential for causing channel erosion. Extensive field work was planned to determine the magnitude of the associated flows in a channel due to a shill) passage, but numerous problems developed that limited the amount of useful data obtained. As an alternative approach, use was made of data presented by other authors concerning channel flow effects caused by a ship passage. SOGREAH test results regarding Kiel Canal flows and ship related disturbances (Wasser-und Schiffahrtsdirektion Kiel, 1966) appear to be particularly applicable for the Coos Bay shipping channel because the channel dimensions and ship sizes in the two areas are approximately equal From the Coos Bay field work that was completed and from the extrapolations of the SOGREAH test results, the total erosion caused by ship traffic in Coos Bay was estimated to be insignificant compared to the natural erosion and deposition that takes place in the estuary.
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