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¿Que es rico? In Support of the ¡Que Rico Es! 250mil Familias Campaña : Practice, Ideology, Rica, Sana, y De Nuestra Tierra

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  • What does comida rica mean? In this thesis, I explore the meanings of comida rica, sana, and de nuestra tierra through the discourses, practices, and kitchen geographies in six urban, highland households in the Ecuadorean Andes. This research, as part of a larger investigation carried out by a team of international and cross-discplinary scholars, is an initial ethnographic look into the everyday realities of responsible consumption. Working in conjunction with the grassroots 250,000 Familias campaign, my study demonstrates the heterogeneity of responsible food practices and the multiplicity of meanings in the campaign’s themes. Through participant observation, semi-structured interviews, personal food journals, and food photography, I attempt to articulate the varied meanings of these three terms and to connect them to public nutritional policy. My argument is that food ideologies are complex, that different embodied experiences with food allow the research participants to appropriate public policy in myriad ways, and that responsible consumption is not a standardized set of practices.
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