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Precursor Chemistry and Film Structure and Properties via Solution Deposition

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  • Chemistry of preparing dense film from solution deposition is explored with several cases in this thesis. Surface dense structure, conversion at melting point, and ion exchange in aqueous solution are the main topics covered here for the thin films of aluminum oxide phosphate and tin dioxide. Thin film density, optical properties and morphology were characterized respectively to demonstrate effective enhancement of thin film dense degree. Among these pathways, annealing thin film at associated melting point successfully produced thin film with dense degree between 90% – 96%. Secondly, p-type Cu3SbS4 thin film was prepared by solution deposition with focus on showing correlation between thin film density and physical properties. Furthermore, improving crystalline size and uniformity of Cu¬3SbS4 thin film were also investigated to support future solar cell fabrication. Finally, this thesis also includes the studies on aluminum oxide phosphate film annealed with forming gas in order to enhance electrical property.
  • Keywords: High Density, Thin Film, Aluminium oxide phosphate, Semiconductor, Dense Film, multilayer, Cu3SbS4, Solar Cell, SnO2, Spin-coating, p-type material
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