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A Computational Fluid Dynamic Study on Flow Induced Vibration in Helically Wire Wrapped Rods Under Axial Turbulent Flow Public Deposited

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  • Vibration of nuclear fuel rods is an area of significance for the long-term safe operation of any nuclear power plant. One mechanism of vibration, flow induced vibration (FIV), must be quantified when designing a new core, such as a sodium fast reactor which employs helically-wrapped wire spacers. Experimental work undertaken by Nixon [1] set the foundation for an empirical and theoretical understanding of the effect of flow conditions on vibration for single wire-wrapped fuel rods under axial flow. The motivation for this study was to use Nixon’s experimental work to demonstrate the accuracy of commercially available computational fluid dynamic software packages, such as Star CCM+, in simulating flow induced vibration. Three primary objectives of this study have been identified. First, this study investigates the sources of error that arise from the discretization of the governing fluid and solid equations through grid convergence analysis. Second, this study compares the amplitude and frequency of vibration between simulated and experimental wire-wrapped rod test cases to validate Star CCM+ as a computational tool for fuel rod vibration simulations. Finally, this study examines vibrational instabilities and attempts to simulate a flutter instability. The results of the study justify the accuracy of the presented method, used in Star CCM+ for predicting the first and second modal frequencies within the quantified uncertainty. Additionally, the results show that the presented method can qualitatively simulate flutter instability, but has some difficulty in modeling accurate vibration amplitude.
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