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The effects of case methods on preservice physical education teachers' value orientations

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  • Preservice teachers' beliefs and values develop due to their long "apprenticeship of observation" (Lortie, 1975) and often filter their teacher education experiences (Feiman-Nemser & Buchman, 1986; Pajares, 1992). Case methods may be one curricular tool by which to instill change in preservice teachers' beliefs and values. This study investigated the effects of case methods on preservice physical education (PETE) teachers' value orientations. Ten PETE students were interviewed and completed the Value Orientation Inventory-2 (VOI-2) four times over one academic year. Following a baseline phase students were grouped (n=5 per group) according to orientation priority. Intervention consisted of reading and discussing eight cases in physical education focused in one value orientation (disciplinary mastery or social responsibility). Results indicated that case methods have differential effects on PETE students' value orientations. VOI-2 and interview group data suggested an orientation priority shift toward the case theme; individual data gives a clearer picture as to the effects of case methods. PETE students' value orientations changed in the direction of the case focus at differing rates and not all students completely shifted their value orientation toward the case theme. Inconsistencies existed between VOI-2 and interview data for some PETE students. Student interview statements were focused more on concepts of disciplinary mastery which is likely due to prior experiences in sport and physical education.
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