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Bacterial Problems in the Home

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  • In the educational wave that is sweeping our country from ocean to ocean, technical education is at its crest, and no phase is more popular than domestic science. Indeed it has such a hold upon public opinion that it is quite the fashion, a commendable fact, for as soon as it begins to wear the mantle of gentility it deserves to wear quite as much as any other science we may look to see it installed in all the larger and more conservative colleges. Already great institutions like Cornell, Columbia, University of Illinois, and many others have given it the recognition it deserves. What is House Technology, or Domestic Science? The old conception, cooking and sewing is left far behind. Long years ago the college recognized the value of science and its practical application. Women have been slow to note its close relation to home affairs, and by some strange oversight little provision has been made for them to study and apply science to this kingdom peculiarly their own. Yet is there any good reason why a woman should not apply her knowledge of chemistry and bacteriology to home problems as her brother does in his profession or industry? An answer to this question is found in a review of the work of our greater or more prominent colleges all over the land. The field the college alone has thrown open to women is of bewildering extent and charm. Friendship, athletics, the professions, and scientific research have brought us their novel attractions.
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