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  • Desire for low-power, high performance computing has been at core of the symbiotic union between digital circuits and CMOS scaling. While digital circuit performance improves with device scaling, analog circuits have not gained these benefits. As a result, it has become necessary to leverage increased digital circuit performance to mitigate analog circuit deficiencies in nanometer scale CMOS in order to realize world class analog solutions. In this thesis, both circuit and system enhancement techniques to improve performance of clock generators are discussed. The following techniques were developed: (1) A digital PLL that employs an adaptive and highly efficient way to cancel the effect of supply noise, (2) a supply regulated DPLL that uses low power regulator and improves supply noise rejection, (3) a digital multiplying DLL that obviates the need for high-resolution TDC while achieving sub-picosecond jitter and excellent supply noise immunity, and (4) a high resolution TDC based on a switched ring oscillator, are presented. Measured results obtained from the prototype chips are presented to illustrate the proposed design techniques.
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