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The Galaxy Computer control system

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  • The logic control system of a computer automatically sequences logic operations which direct how and when memory stored instructions and data are processed in the digital registers. This thesis contains circuit schematics and test results of a nanosecond response logic - control system for the Galaxy Computer. The circuit designs have made possible level -logic operation rates over a million per second. The use of a voltage level -shift scheme with low capacitance and complementary emitter -follower current -amplifier accounts for most of the speed improvement. The circuits are designed to be race -free and maintain the same rise and fall time whether operating at low or high frequency. Ability to switch large signal currents improves the fan -out capabilities of the logic networks, thereby increasing the number of functions that can be performed on a particular logic step. Interlocking control in a single logic - control system allows several systems to be coupled together for concurrent operation. A scheme like the logic - control system can also be used wherever there is a need for a fast, versatile preprogrammed electronic switch.
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