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The Promise and Unfinished Business of Title IX Public Deposited

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  • The law commonly referred to as Title IX, which was passed in 1972, called for an end to sex-based discrimination in educational and federally-funded settings. Before long, it became particularly associated with the quest for equality for women’s sports. As Title IX was a major catalyst in advancing and even in some cases, starting, women’s sports at certain institutions, there has been quite a bit of research done on the growth and development of women’s athletics, especially at the college level. This research specifically asks the following: what progress has Title IX helped to create and how much has women’s college sports improved since its passage in 1972, but more importantly, where does it continue to fall short in generating equity between men’s and women’s sports at the college level? In order to discover the answer to this, ten individuals – all current or former women’s basketball players, coaches, or administrators in the Pac-12 conference – were interviewed with questions asking about their experiences in these roles. The answers ranged greatly, as the interviewees spanned all different schools across the Pac-12 while also covering a wide array of years between 1965 and the present day. A major theme was that there has been an undeniable amount of progress made for women’s sports and female athletes, yet they are still nowhere near achieving equality with their male counterparts. This was reinforced through powerful stories of varying challenges that have been faced over the years, including unequal equipment and travel accommodations, a lack of representation in the media, and the constant battle against those who did not support Title IX and its consequences. As a result, the emotional toll was great on these women at times, making the support they received far more significant. In their ideal world, there would be true and absolute equality, which is something they are disheartened has not been achieved, but they hope to see in the future.
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