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Developing Software Tools to Characterize Electrochemical Loss Scenarios via Gamma Detection for Various Measurement Points, Source Geometries, and Process Times Public Deposited

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  • Faithful modeling of the expected gamma signals inside an electrochemical facility at various key measurement points is important for understanding what detection limits are available for the next generation of safeguards technologies. Gamma Detector Response and Analysis Software (GADRAS) and the Separation Safeguards Performance Model (SSPM) were used to build software tools for predicting the difference in radiation signatures between normal plant use and plutonium diversion scenarios, for various operational configurations. These tools allow for automated analysis of the large data sets generated by the SSPM, producing tables and charts for both total gamma counts over time, and channel-by-channel gamma spectrum analysis for specified time-slices. Preliminary application of this analysis suite shows a 99% confidence in detecting a 0.2 SQ protracted electrorefiner diversion over the course of one year, and a 99% confidence in detecting a 1.4 SQ protracted transuranic diversion over the course of one year.
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