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The Effect of Zumbini® on Physical Activity of Young Children with and without Disabilities

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  • Physical activity is important for young children with and without disabilities. However, recent investigations have found that young children with and without disabilities spend less time in physical activity than is recommended. Family and music factors have been shown to positively affect physical activity of this population in previous studies. An inclusive program is one potential way to improve physical activity of young children with and without disabilities. Zumbini® is a family-based physical activity program designed for children 0 to 4 years old and their caregivers. The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of Zumbini® on physical activity amount of young children with and without disabilities. The current study applied a single subject A-B research design in an inclusive playgroup to investigate the effect of Zumbini® on physical activity amounts of young children with and without disabilities. By comparing movement counts from triaxial accelerometers recording during a 4-week baseline phase (free play session) and a 4-week intervention phase (Zumbini® session), we found that physical activity amounts changes trends of the participants in individual level. In addition, nonoverlap of all pairs (NAP) was applied to indicate the effect of Zumbini®. Eight participants (5 without disabilities: mean age=33.2"±" 8.319 months, 2 males; 3 with disabilities: mean age=30.33"±" 13.65 months, 2 males) with complete data collection were used for data analysis. The change of the physical activity amounts and the trend within each individual were varied. The physical activity amounts on wrists ranged from 1467.84 counts/min to 14927.05 counts/min. The physical activity amounts on hips ranged from 96.17 counts/min to 4952.10 counts/min. Using NAP analysis, the majority of the participants experienced medium to large intervention effects in physical activity amount changes. The reason for the varied physical activity amount change and the trend in each participant were discussed in this study. Future research could include larger sample sizes, increased intervention time, and different measuring methods to fully capture the effect of Zumbini®.
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