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Alarming for Nothing?: A Geographic and Sentiment Analysis of Water Securitization in Academic Research Public Deposited

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  • “Water security” is an umbrella term that explains a wide arrange of concerns over water despite the absence of agreement on its definition and use. Attaching the term “security” to “water” has often been regarded as an act of securitizing water, but its versatile application implies the need to carefully scrutinize whether the use of the term actually demonstrates a securitizing move. Since a highly securitized language could contribute to a justified non-cooperation over water, it is useful to identify the current status of securitizing discourse by a seemingly neutral subject, the academia. With an observation of the geographic distribution of the scholarly use of the term “water security” from Web of Science database, this study goes a step further to quantitatively analyze the level of securitizing move of academic discourse via Securitization Maturity Index developed by Nathan and Fischhendler (2016). This study not only identifies some severely understudied regions that demand more academic attention on their water issues but also concludes that the mere utterance of water security does not simply translate to the securitization of water and that water-rich countries are also described with highly securitizing languages.
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