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Critical buckling load for round tapered columns with variable end fixity

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  • The critical buckling load for round tapered columns with variable end fixity is presented. The theory used is presented together with the general solution for the resulting differential equation. This general solution is solved by use of a computer. The computer program written specifically for this thesis, the flow chart, the print out data and the input data file are included in Appendix A. The data obtained substantiates published data and shows that the critical buckling load of a round tapered column, fixed at the small end and hinged and restrained against translation at the large end is increased approximately 100% when the large end of the column is fixed. Information. is presented which shows how the critical buckling load for the column varies with relative fixity at the large end and with the column taper. While this information applies to columns of any material, it is especially important to the timber industry since the data is useful for timber piling design. Values for partial fixity are now available for use by the design engineer. In the past, engineers had only the values for the two extremes and the choice of full fixity or hinged was all that was available. A comparison of the increased buckling loads for a partially fixed column, using the curves in this thesis, with the buckling load for the hinged column, will show that increased economies can be realized.
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