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The Influence of Management Actions on Project Success Concerning Cost, Time, and Quality Public Deposited

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  • In the construction industry, people seek to deliver a successful project. The major success performance measurements in the construction industry are cost, time, and quality. Several researchers have determined critical success factors for construction projects, and one of these critical success factors was management actions. Furthermore, there is an inadequacy of studies about the influence of management actions and qualities on project success. This research focuses on identifying management actions that are correlated to project success concerning cost, time, and quality. The main objective is to determine a list of the most effective actions that managers can implement to increase project success chances. Intending to accomplish the study objectives, a methodology has been developed to show that there is a correlation between successful construction projects and management qualities and actions. Data was collected by distributing two web-based surveys to numerous construction companies. The reason for distributing these surveys was to investigate what are the effective actions of the management associated with the success of construction projects. The first survey was used to collect information to determine whether the project is successful or not. The second survey was about manager actions that the management team has performed during construction projects. The data were analyzed using Spearman's Correlation test. The results of this study reveal that six management actions can significantly influence project success concerning cost, time, and quality. The actions can be utilized by managers to heighten success probabilities.
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