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Conflict and resource management : A case study with the Oregon State Marine Board and Oregon's nonmotorized boating community Public Deposited

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  • The continued growth of the world's population beyond six billion places increasing pressure on natural resources and thus a growing demand for effective management of both resources and the recreational users of these resources. This situation is particularly relevant to the management of Oregon's rivers and growing numbers of nonmotorized boaters. Today there are approximately 300,000 nonmotorized boats floating Oregon's rivers that are not registered. Despite paying no user fees, these boaters benefit from the services paid for by the motorized boating community. The Oregon State Marine Board (OSMB) launched a study during the summer of 2001 to examine the registration and titling practices for nonmotorized boats nationwide. The purpose of this study was to gather information relevant to implementing a management program for the nonmotorized boaters of Oregon. The study itself and its implications are a source of great conflict with Oregon's nonmotorized boating community. These boaters argue that they should not be subjected to fees and regulations imposed by the Marine Board. The results of OSMB's study suggest that there are many potential options that could be used to resolve this conflict between the Marine Board and the nonmotorized boaters. However, irreconcilable differences in the underlying value systems of these two groups will likely prohibit successful compromise. In addition, both parties are unwilling to collaborate or even communicate directly on this issue. Thus, this debate is likely to persist into the future.
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  • Resources and funding for this project were provided by The Oregon State Marine Board.
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