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Estimating Air Pollutant Emissions for Nonroad Equipment using EPA MOVES – Case Study of a Building Project Public Deposited

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  • Total emissions from the US contribute 15% to the global emissions. The construction industry is a major source of the exhaust emissions produced. Use of light-duty vehicles and heavy-duty trucks for various construction activities contributes 83% to the total greenhouse gases produced. Construction equipment comprises of on-road and non-road equipment, and they produce significant amounts of pollutants. Non-road equipment is extensively used in buildings construction. Among the numerous pollutants identified on the construction site, this study will focus on CO, CO2, NOx, SOx, and PM because of their ill effects on human health and because they are produced in large amounts compared to the other pollutants produced from diesel exhaust. This thesis summarizes the results of a research that used field data to estimate pollutant emissions from non-road equipment. The methodology for obtaining emissions using MOVES is presented. Basic information such as hours of operation per day, fuel used, and specifications of the engine are collected from a building construction site and are used for calculating total emissions. The output consists of emission rates for selected pollutants. The findings of this research are presented for excavators, mobile crane, loader, and a forklift. Results include total emission quantities per day and per equipment obtained from the data collected by direct observation and emission rates estimated using MOVES. Results indicate that CO2 is produced in large quantities when compared to other selected pollutants. The total emissions of CO2 are expected, but NOx had surprisingly high total emissions for this project. The results from this study could be used by contractors and owners in the selection of the construction equipment in terms of reducing emissions.
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