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SCALE 6 (TRITON) Simulations of Fission Product Gamma Line Emissions and their Comparison to Plutonium and Uranium Measurements

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  • Thin foil samples of special nuclear materials (SNMs) were irradiated for 60s using a Mark TRIGA II reactor, and their associated gamma emissions were recorded with a count time of 60s following irradiation. A rapid pneumatic transfer system was used to irradiate the samples in front of beam port #4. This process was modeled using the 2-D depletion code TRITON from SCALE 6. This code is primarily used to simulate fuel burn-up in order to analyze spent fuel fission product activities over a significant period of time, whereas in this research, short irradiation and count times were utilized to focus on the delayed gamma ray signatures of the short-lived fission products. The first 200 fission product activities were examined and combined with updated gamma branching ratios to obtain gamma spectrums for comparison against experimental measurements. There were inconsistencies between measurements and simulations due to the 2-D nature of the code. Further work may address these discrepancies by utilizing the 3-D KENO, Monte Carlo based t-depletion code.
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  • Domestic Nuclear Detection Office



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