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  • The Pine Forest Mountains lie within the northern part of the Basin and Range province, near Denio, northwestern Nevada. They are tilted, fault block mountains composed in part of schists and quartzites of Triassic-Jurassic (?) age. In addition, they are intruded by Cretaceous diorites, granodiorites, and quartz monzonites which are probably related to the Sierra Nevada batholith. The Mesozoic metamorphic and igneous intrusive rocks of the thesis area are covered by a sequence of Tertiary basalt flows, ash flow tuffs, and volcanic sandstones. These volcanic rocks record successive stages of Pine Forest uplift throughout Early Cenozoic time. The volcanics are divided into two rock stratigraphic sequences--older and younger. The older units lie within the younger rock stratigraphic terrane as an angular unconformable inlier. Two additional angular unconformities occur within the younger rock stratigraphic units. From older to younger, the Tertiary rocks are steeply dipping to gently dipping. Quaternary deposits in the area include valley fill alluvium, currently being deposited, and coiluvial fans currently being dissected. The largest mining property in the area is the Ashdown mine, presently dormant. Gold-quartz prospects are abundant in the area.
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