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Voices within a gray world : an evaluation of Oregon State University's sexual and dating violence prevention curriculum Public Deposited

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  • With the reauthorization of the 2013 Violence Against Women Act all Title IV higher education institutions will now be required to provide "primary prevention and awareness programs for all incoming students." Yet, more research is needed to find prevention programs that are effective (White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault 2014). This quasi-experimental study utilizes a mixed methods embedded design including both quantitative and qualitative measures to evaluate the effectiveness of the Oregon State University's anti-violence prevention curriculums, Every1 and One Act Bystander Intervention Program, on student violence attitudes and beliefs, skill confidence and self-efficacy, and behavioral change. Quantitative data was collected using a pretest-posttest survey. Qualitative data was collected through observations, and focus groups with participants. No significant difference was found between control and experimental groups. Five themes emerged from the focus group: the curriculum increased dialogue on dating and sexual violence among students; the curriculum increased community awareness of dating and sexual violence as well as community support for survivors; students feel there are many multilayered complex 'gray areas' around consent that inhibit their ability to assess potentially violent situations in order to safely intervene; students need more diverse experiences represented within prevention curriculum and would like the curriculum to speak to a wider range of identities; students feel there are many barriers to reporting sexual or dating violence yet see Oregon State University as a influential and credible institution with the power to shape sexual and dating violence discourse and prevention efforts.
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