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Zora Neale Hurston : freedom from the inside out

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  • Zora Neale Hurston was a Black American writer during the period of the Harlem Renaissance. The purpose of this study is to show that three of her four novels form a protracted discussion of a particular type of freedom which was of especial interest to Hurston. The study seeks to demonstrate that Hurston believed that a person must be free within his own soul before he could enjoy the advantages offered through legal freedoms. In fact, this study will propose and demonstrate Hurston's belief that the importance of soul freedom supercedes any other kind of freedom and that the person who is free in his soul will neither subjugate another nor allow his soul to be subjugated by another. Hurston's novels Their Eyes Were Watching God, Moses, Man of the Mountain, and Seraph on the Suwanee all support the above hypotheses. Hurston's autobiography and essays also provide evidence for this stance.
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