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  • There is a new possibility of generating deep ultraviolet laser radiation from a solid-state source. With recent advances in material development, a new nonlinear optical crystal provides a greater damage threshold than current materials making higher conversion efficiencies possible. This thesis examines the possibility of using this crystal to generate deep ultraviolet wavelengths. The best-estimated Sellmeier equations for this new crystal predict that direct doubling conversion using a 404 nm source is not possible. Observation of a 202 nm signal when the crystal is placed in front of a 404 nm source verifies the inaccuracy of the estimated Sellmeier equations. Additional verification of Sellmeier equations inaccuracy is provided when generation of 235 nm signal is found at an angle of 11 degrees less than the model prediction. Possible electro-optic Q-switching is examined. Electro-optic modulation measurements show a very small refractive index change. When angle tuning, a greater depth of modulation is noted, however, full extinction of the beam could not be achieved. To improve efficiency, intra-cavity resonant doubling is investigated. Several cavity stabilization schemes are implemented successfully and compared. The cavity remains locked while being perturbed by outside forces and has less than 1% modulation on the signal under normal operating conditions. Continued improvement in crystal quality will increase this crystal’s production of UV light. This new material provides a solution for industrial solid-state deep ultraviolet laser sources.
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