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Measurement of 239Pu, 237Np, and 238U Fission Product γ Rays Público Deposited

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  • Fission product yields (FPYs) are used for a wide range of applications including nuclear fission theory, nuclear reactor design, reactor antineutrino anomaly, stellar nucleosynthesis, and nuclear forensics. These applications rely on FPYs that were last evaluated in 1993, which included measurements from all over the world up until 1993. In this work, the most recent measurement of 239Pu FPY and 237Np FPY using Godiva IV critical assembly is presented. Both measurements used the same experimental setup and same analysis codes. Discrepancies in γ-ray branching ratios were observed for both measurements and the data was limited to 45 minutes after irradiation. This led to the construction of the Lāpaki array in order to perform γ-γ coincidence measurements. An experiment to study 238U short-lived FPY was conducted using the Lāpaki array with the Oregon State University (OSU) Training, Research, Isotopes General Atomics (TRIGA) reactor rabbit facility. This allows for 238U fission product γ rays to be observed within seconds after irradiation. A new rabbit was designed and fabricated with high-purity polyethylene along with a new procedure was established to reduce as much background γ rays as possible when studying short-lived isotopes. A new digital data acquisition (DAQ) system from Mesytec was used for this experiment.
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