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Librarian Leadership in Open Education Resources: Implementing and Supporting Innovation in Community Colleges Public Deposited

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  • The purpose of this narrative inquiry study was to describe the lived experiences of librarians and how they provided support and innovation for community college OER programs. Examining the experiences of librarians as innovators sought to understanding how best practices developed for OER programs. It further sought to examine how participants approached social interactions, inter-departmental collaborations, and systemic organizational structures to support and implement OER programs. These narratives provided understanding to how institution-wide initiatives were developed. The following foundation question guided the research: What are the experiences of librarians through the challenges, barriers, and successes of implementing and supporting OER innovation? The focus of this study was librarians that work at community colleges and that had engaged with OER program implementation. Although some of the librarians in this study had worked in 4-year institutions, their innovative OER program experiences emerged at community colleges. Through the lens of narrative inquiry, this research provided rich and detailed stories of the participant’s experiences. The study findings indicated the scope and responsibilities of OER librarianship. It further identified barriers to successful OER program implementation such as lack of authority within OER librarian positions for needed initiative processes. The results of this research provided insight into how initiatives were implemented, and how innovators navigated organizational structures to develop OER programs.
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