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Creative Placemaking as a Composition Pedagogy Public Deposited

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  • This thesis explores the ways in which creative placemaking, a neighborhood-based practice for building community, can offer community-building and civic action wisdom as a model for composition. This model brings attention to spatial metaphors for rhetoric and teaching that have persisted for millennia; it re-focuses us on community; it encourages a reconsideration of what, exactly, citizenship could mean by connecting it to dwelling; and it unites that dwelling and citizenship with creative, collaborative invention. The purpose of this thesis is to offer a preliminary model for these practices. It does this first by examining how citizenship has been understood as an aim for rhetorical training. Then, this thesis suggests ways in which dwelling can be encouraged in the classroom. This dwelling is linked to invention both in composition and in invention of creative placemaking. Invention is considered for its social realm, relating to the collaboration of creative placemaking, and how the inventing process can be creative. Finally, this thesis leads to a model grounded in topoi by using an adapted version of Aristotle's Common Topics as a way to guide students' thinking about issues in their communities. This is written by someone who teaches First Year Writing to others who teach First Year Writing to offer more tools for helping students think and write critically, inclusively, and hopefully about changing their communities.
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