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Estimating the Value of Water for Irrigation in Deschutes County, Oregon Utilizing a Hedonic Pricing Model Public Deposited

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  • This thesis uses a hedonic price model to estimate the value of water for irrigation in Deschutes County, Oregon. The analysis uses a dataset comprising information on 2,274 agricultural parcels across the County. Uniquely, the analysis successfully utilizes assessor-determined real market values in the place of actual land sales. A log-linear functional form was applied to the per acre real market value of the parcel, yielding a range in value from $116.8 per acre-foot (AF) and $234.67/AF, with the most statistically significant result at $234.67/AF. Two alternative valuation methodologies are also utilized and further reinforce a capitalized value of water rights in Deschutes County of around $200/AF. Utilizing a binary term for the presence of a water right on a property instead of a continuous variable showing the proportion of the property covered by a water right may yield inaccurate results. This study also successfully utilizes a measure of crop productivity for irrigated alfalfa in lieu of incomplete land capability class data, providing evidence that alternative measures of soil productivity found in SSURGO data may be used when more traditional soil quality data are incomplete or unavailable.
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