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The Building of a ‘Harmonious World’ and the Conflict of the Confucius Institute Public Deposited

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  • The Confucius Institutes program is a Chinese organization established in 2004 to provide the world with language instruction and increase cultural awareness. The program forms joint venture business models with universities and schools around the world to establish language and culture centers on their school’s campus (“Constitution and By-Laws”). Over the past twelve years, a debate has formed around the purpose of these Institutes and whether they are more beneficial or detrimental to U.S. schools, students, and the broader U.S. community. This analysis examines the argument for and against hosting the Confucius Institutes in the U.S. using theories of national culture characterization, the importance of existing ideology, and a conflict assessment framework. This thesis aims to provide insight for schools and universities in making a decision over whether to adopt, maintain, renegotiate, or shut down their Confucius Institute, ultimately providing suggestions for renegotiation and university conduct to minimize potential risks and concerns associated with the Institutes.
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