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Comparison of Attila SN Particle Transport Code with MCNP in the Analysis of Small Modular Reactor Shielding Public Deposited

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  • Of great importance in the design of a nuclear power plant is the evaluation of shielding from the ionizing radiation produced in the core of the nuclear reactor. This requires simulation software to predict the dose rates in the areas of interest. Comparing the simulation of the same modeled system with more than one computer application, especially one that uses a different algorithmic approach, is a way to gain confidence in the results. In this research, two models were created, one in Monte Carlo N Particle (MCNP) which uses a stochastic algorithmic approach, and the other in Attila, which uses a deterministic algorithmic approach to test the validity of the model and learn the dose rates in the area of interest. The MCNP calculated the dose rate to be 0.0752 mrem/h (95% confidence interval 0.0386 mrem/h, 0.1118 mrem/h) and Attila calculated the dose rate to be 0.077 mrem/h. It was found that the Attila calculation compared well to the MCNP calculation, being within the 95% confidence interval for total dose rate in the area of interest. Additionally, Attila was able to complete the simulation in a fraction of the time of the MCNP calculation.
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