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Virtual Liberatory Women of Color Mentorship

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  • Higher education literature lacks frameworks and models that consider women of color mentoring and fewer that discuss virtual mentorship among women of color. This work examined a successful and productive virtual mentorship and explored the key features of the mentorship, how the mentorship was maintained virtually, and the benefits and differences of virtual mentorship, offering the field practical strategies to continue to conduct mentorship work in meaningful ways and maintain deep relationships online. Qualitative data was collected through three open-ended interviews as well as music playlists that participants were engaging with during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Liberatory Mentorship for Women of Color model shares how liberatory mentorship operates with reflection, reciprocity, and resistance. These processes are the principles through which data is analyzed. Findings highlight three components of successful virtual mentorship: regularly scheduled meetings, unstructured communication space, and utilizing technological tools for increased contributions. Virtual mentorships can utilize these components to support the liberation of women of color who work in higher education. Like those who have come before, we can create liberatory spaces to not only survive, but thrive while attending and working in higher education.
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