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Radicalizing Food: Navigating the Radical Fault Lines of our Local Food Systems—on Farm, at Market, & Online Public Deposited

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  • Mainstream local food systems focus on environmental and individual health, but labor is out of sight and out of mind. We begin with a story that introduces the immigrant in the room, the locavore’s blind spots, and the need to move beyond mainstream environmentalism and embrace social justice. In the first chapter, we open up to the critiques of food scholars over the past decades and explore why they have remained in the academic echo chamber when other narratives prevailed. Next, we examine Willamette Valley local food discourse through analyzing a variety of publications and events. Next, we explore a season of my own work in radicalizing the discourse I produced for a broad audience of locavores, ending with a discussion of the efficacy of the way we communicate on the edge of radicalization. Next, we take a deep dive into a prominent local farm, introducing an alternative to the popular narrative, a history inclusive of migrant labor that follows the trajectory of radical action on farm throughout time. Finally, we explore the pivotal 2018 season on the women’s crew at that same farm, a unique and complex moment in the history on our local small farms. Beyond food, it is time for mainstream local food movements to get radical and form the alliances necessary to change the structures that exploit the people and the planet. The engaged citizen has many tools sharper than consumption when wielded on common ground.
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