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Eye Lens Doses from Oblique Sources Public Deposited

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  • Since the International Commission on Radiation Protection (ICRP) recommended a revision to the eye lens dose limits in ICRP Publication 118 (Stewart, 2012) the radiation protection community has conducted many new studies related to eye dosimetry. The recommended reduction of eye lens dose limits may result in the reduction of the whole body dose limit, which would affect all occupational workers in the nuclear science and engineering industries, therefore, further study is required. The need for further investigative research into eye dosimetry is due to the formation of radio induced cataracts and eye degradation from ionizing radiation and thus potential significant harm to workers. The aim of this study was to assess lens dose from oblique electron and photon point sources to see if a deterministic equation could be derived from observed data. Due to the behavior of electrons, a deterministic equation could not be derived. However, electron dose tables were developed for linear interpolation purposes. Photons were found to be influenced by their distance from the source similar to the inverse square law. Since photons were distant dependent, a deterministic equation was derived.
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