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Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and their Sense of Belonging on U.S College Campuses Public Deposited

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  • Third Culture Kids (TCKs) are a rapidly emerging student population within colleges and universities. TCKs must balance the myriad of experiences of growing up among worlds with the amplified implications that it entails as college students (Van Reken & Pollock, 2010). This study attempts to fill the gap between the TCK literature and the college student literature, by providing narratives from TCK college students on their interpretation of their own TCK identity. This results in implications and applicable recommendations for Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA). Collaborative Research (Engard, 2010) and Grounded Theory (Glaser et al., 1968) were used to highlight the autonomy of participant voices to give the reader a clearer understanding of TCK student experiences. The results of this study can help student affairs divisions in colleges and universities recognize the surfacing TCK college student population, which has characteristics and needs that can be addressed and accommodated for effectively.
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