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Teacher perspectives in ocean sciences education : a look at the SMILE-CIOSS partnership

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  • The Cooperative Institute for Oceanographic Satellite Studies (CIOSS) partners with The Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences (SMILE) Program to bring ocean sciences and satellite oceanography to high school students and teachers around the state of Oregon. This study was conducted as a formative program assessment during the third year of this partnership. Small group (2-4 person) interviews were conducted with 20 SMILE high school teachers during a professional development workshop in February, 2007. Interview questions focused on usage and understanding of select framing and content terms: ocean literacy, remote sensing and satellite oceanography. Responses from these interviews, as well as individual interviews with a SMILE staff member, former SMILE graduate assistant, and representative from CIOSS, were analyzed for emerging themes. The results from this study are being used to inform the design and implementation of future professional development programming for SMILE high school teachers. In addition, the smallgroup interviews present a test of a group interview methodology that can easily and inexpensively be included in workshop or professional development components of education programs.
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