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Atmospheric Radon Modeling for Aerial Measurements Public Deposited

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  • The Ariel Measuring System (AMS) is a national asset in responding to radiological or nuclear events. The AMS operates out of several aerial platforms, such as the BK-117 helicopter and the P3 Long Range Tracker, under many equipment configurations. Measurements can be telemetered real time to reach back for evaluation and processing to minimize time between data acquisition and the hazards assessment. One of the corrections applied to the raw data set is the removal of atmospheric radon influences prior to activity calculations. This correction is characterized by a one-time water line measurement where terrestrial influences are minimal. This work proposes an alternate method utilizing linearizing functional fit modeling to establish an atmospheric radon equilibrium factor that incorporates fluctuations of radon concentration due to climatic changes. Modeling the photopeak count rate change from the 1765 keV survey data set provides a more representative radon contribution correction over the time of the acquisition to achieve a higher fidelity in the accuracy of the results.
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