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Design of a Pebble Bed Separate Effects Test for Molten Salt Reactors Public Deposited

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  • The licensing of novel nuclear reactor power plant designs requires extensive research and testing. A significant portion of this work is dedicated to the design and operation of scaled-down testing facilities that emulate various plant conditions. The data gathered from these test facilities is used to compare to predictive models. As Kairos Power progresses with its fluoride salt-cooled high temperature reactor (KP-FHR) design, a need for such a testing facility arose. The purpose of this work is to report on the design of a separate effects test facility that investigates the heat transfer characteristics within the pebble bed of a molten salt reactor. Limited work has been done in this field, as pebble bed reactors are novel designs and still in the prototype phase. It is the intent of the author to guide future work in pebble bed test facilities through the work in this thesis, with a focus on the alternative heating system used to emulate TRISO fuel particles. An overview of the instrumentation and material selection is also discussed, based on the applied scaling analysis.
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