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Integrating Environment, Safety and Health Management Systems in Support of Lean Outcomes Public Deposited

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  • Life cycle exposures to hazards from existing and newly developed products and production processes, demands from external stakeholders for compliance with regulations, requirements from internal stakeholders for connecting management systems to lean company initiatives and market pressures have motivated U.S. based semiconductor companies to adopt an integrated-lean approach to environment, safety and health management systems. This research was exploratory by nature and used qualitative methods, specifically a Delphi study to develop an integrated-lean management system framework and case studies to examine the management, structural, and financial strategies used by semiconductor manufacturing firms that support lean enterprise management. A review of the literature on management systems shows how the research was grounded in previous research and how this research goes beyond previous research in important ways. Delphi study results were obtained from judgments from a panel of experts who participated in reviewing existing management system elements and implementation practices similar in nature into an integrated-lean framework. Case study findings were obtained from an analysis of triangulated evidence extrapolated from in-depth interviews with operations and environment, safety and health managers and management system representatives, a review of internal documents and tours of the facilities. The results offer (a) insight into what an integrated-lean management system framework looks like, (b) the motivations by semiconductor companies for pursuing integration and, (c) the management, structural and financial strategies deployed by the sample of semiconductor companies that support lean outcomes valued by stakeholders.
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