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An approximation procedure for the allocation of inspection effort

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  • A comparison of two procedures which allocate inspection effort within a production sequence is presented here. The concern for quality and the need to hold down the costs of quality has resulted in mathematical models which locate inspection so that the desired quality is attained at a minimum cost. In today's manufacturing environment the nature of these production sequences is highly complex. This requires that the models reflect this complexity in a realistic way. Such intricate models can often have restrictions on their applicability because of extensive computational requirements. A model had been developed for nonserial type processes which optimally allocates screening inspection within the sequence. The model includes the effects of imperfect inspection accuracy on the probabilistic flow of material within the process and the cost of repairing defects. This model proved to be an extremely time consuming algorithm which put restrictions on its applicability. In this paper a linear model is developed which approximates the nonlinear objective function of the restrictive model. The purpose; to use the linear form to allow faster solution times for large problems. This model is formulated as zero-one mixed integer programming problem. The approximation model is tested to determine its performance. The testing is to determine the approximation's computational speed relative to the optimal model and its accuracy with respect to minimum cost. The results showed vast improvements in computational speed and the objective function values of the approximation were close to the optimal value.
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