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Techno-economic analysis of extraction curcumin from turmeric Public Deposited

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  • Curcumin is a yellow colored bioactive pigment present in the spice turmeric (Curcuma longa). It has been identified with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antibacterial, antirheumatic, antidiabetic and antiviral properties. It is extensively used in nutraceutical, food and cosmetics industry. Fueled by its potential uses in research community and rise in awareness among natural product consumers, the curcumin market is expected to witness a two-fold increase in the US by 2022, putting its market value around USD 100 million. Curcumin is primarily produced in Southeast Asia, with many plants in India. However, with increasing turmeric production and demand in the US, we can envision US extraction of curcumin soon. Therefore, a techno-economic analysis to manufacture curcumin has been developed. Mass and energy balances were performed for the proposed process. Capital and operating costs were estimated, and the market value or sales price was evaluated based on the costs and an internal rate of return. Profitability and sensitivity analyses were performed for various inputs in the process. A spreadsheet interface was developed which allows the user to input various process parameters and analyze the economic feasibility.
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